with apprentice jockeys from the Gouvieux Horse Racing School

It is six in the morning in the refectory of the Horse Races School of Gouvieux, in the department of Oise. And it’s a breakfast like any other for the boys and girls at the table who all have the ambition to become a jockey. Like Dylan: “The awakening was hard, but otherwise it’s fine. We get up earlier than that when we are at the boss …” said the teenager to the magazine “1:15 pm on Saturday” (replay). In fact, almost a lie-in …

The time of apprentice jockeys is divided between learning with racehorse stable owners and very specific practical lessons. It is still dark that day when Norbert, a former professional jockey, takes charge of the group: “Are you ready to attack? Because there is going to be work today. We’ll make the call first and you give the phones as usual. Beginners on horseback need both hands…”

“I want to make a living out of it”

“You check all the boxes and those that need to be redone, they will have to be redone, said the manager. Put water back into all the buckets and kick the feeders. “ The young people get busy, fork in hand, transporting bales of straw, taking care of the animals… Son of a horse trader, Dylan, 15, then went to a club. Used to horses since he was little, he intends to realize his dream: “I know it’s hard but you have to fight. I want to make a living out of it.”

“He’s a magnificent being all the same, he says speaking of the animal he is with. He is big and strong. That we can be at one with him is extraordinary. And it’s more of a passion then. ” His family encourages him and she is proud that he is in this school. Here, the rule is that the students change horses every day to learn to manage certain characters… Dylan inherits a former champion not really easy, but the young apprentice jockey will do perfectly well…

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