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VIDEO. The exploration of abandoned places, an extraordinary passion

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Video length: 5 minutes.

Exploring abandoned places is Jo and Jean's passion.  And this is what it looks like ...

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Exploring abandoned places is Jo and Jean’s passion. And this is what it looks like …

Do you know Urbex? It is a passion for exploring completely abandoned places. Jo and Jean are themselves “urbexeurs”. They showed us some mysterious places … Direction an abandoned factory: “It was a tomato sauce factory, compotes too. Compotes, fruit salads if I’m not talking nonsense. But it was old because I believe it closed in the 1990s or 2000s“, explains Jean. When they weave their way through these abandoned places, the watchword is discretion.”Weird things can even happen, drug stories … Oh yeah! It was massacred“, says Jo. Another golden rule: never steal or break anything.

Also, Urbex can be dangerous. Urbexeurs tell in particular that some people have lost their lives, crossing a floor, for example. But what Jo and Jean love about Urbex is the adrenaline it gets and investigating these abandoned places, knowing what happened there. “What fascinates me is above all this sudden stop in time“, says Jo.


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