VIDEO. Euro 2021: the Blues “engage of their own accord” against racism, by kneeling before France-Germany, underlines the Minister of Sports


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Roxana Maracineanu assures on News i that henceforth “the sports authorities are committed” against racism.

By choosing to put the knee to the ground before their first match of the Euro, “players engage of their own accord, no one has used them or is forcing them to do this”, declared Tuesday, June 15 on News i Roxana Maracineanu, Minister Delegate in charge of Sports. The captain of the French football team Hugo Lloris announced at a press conference that the Blues would make this gesture on Tuesday evening.

The Minister welcomes the fact that several teams have acted in this way in support of the ‘Black Lives matter’ movement since the start of the competition, “It is precisely rare enough to be underlined. It is a personal commitment that they wish to show today, today we need the commitment of athletes”. Footballers have the opportunity to go further and “take a stand, speak out on these subjects outside of matches, outside of competitions because the players are a real media too”, she adds, pointing out that “Racism must be eradicated in sport, but above all in society.”

Roxana Maracineanu ensures that now “sports bodies are committed” against racism, even if “Until now they were a little silent on these themes. We have just written into the law for the principles of the Republic the commitment of the sports movement alongside the State to fight against this scourge”, continues the minister. She ensures that the fight against racism is one of her priorities and that “needs the sports movement, the commitment of authorities, regulations, sanctions when necessary and then also awareness, prevention, training of sports educators and volunteers who are today in the sport.”

Should we stop a match as soon as a racist insult is uttered? “Of course, it’s important to mark the occasion, even on songs with homophobic connotations”, answers Roxana Maracineanu. She emphasizes that these phenomena “do not only happen in sport and in football. But the sport tool is a great tool to talk about what is happening in society and educate young children, adults also who supervise sport.”

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