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VIDEO. Euro 2021 – France-Germany: relive the goal against his camp in 3D by Mats Hummels analyzed by Éric Roy


Did you miss the goal for France-Germany? Relive the only realization of the match registered against his camp by Mats Hummels, and analyzed in 3D by our consultant Éric Roy.

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The French football team has successfully entered the competition for Euro 2021 after its victory, Tuesday, June 15, against Germany. Like their Russian World Cup in 2018, the Blues of Didier Deschamps demonstrated a formidable tactical and defensive mastery against a Mannschaft unable to break the tricolor wall. Our consultant, Eric Roy, analyzes in 3D the only goal of the match, scored against his camp by the German defender, Mats Hummels.

20th minute: under pressure, Hummels cheats on his goalkeeper

After a marvel of opening from the outside of the right of Paul Pogba, Lucas Hernandez is served on the left side in the penalty area. The French side runs in first intention to deliver a careful cross in the direction of Kylian Mbappé. Under pressure, and as much surprised by the power of the center as his precision, the experienced defender of the German selection, Mats Hummels (32), cannot straighten the ball and thus deceives his goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer.

The goal against his camp of Mats Hummels against the Blues




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