Use of special sound system in Japanese stadiums for the Olympics

Japanese officials plan to broadcast the voices of spectators from previous seasons in Japanese stadiums when athletes compete so that athletes do not feel alone.

According to News i and quoted by the Times, in the Olympic Games, no spectators are allowed to watch the matches live in the fields. However, the organizers of the competitions want to broadcast the voices of the spectators of the previous seasons in the stadiums of Japan when the athletes compete so that the athletes do not feel alone.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics want to use digital tools to create a special atmosphere in the stadiums, despite the exclusion of almost all spectators. “We do not want athletes to feel alone in the stadium,” said Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. We want to show them that people are with them and support them. The IOC expects Tokyo Games to be watched by an unprecedented number of people around the world.

A special sound system is to be broadcast in the stadiums and create a good atmosphere. Fans can also compete with their athlete by visiting the competition site virtually. To this end, fans send five-second selfie videos with the encouragement of their athletes, which are to be shown on screens in stadiums and halls.

Remote relationship

In the stadiums, athletes will also have the opportunity to meet with family and friends at stations called “Athlete Moments” immediately after the race.

The Olympics will officially start tomorrow, Friday, with the opening ceremony.

News i


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