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“This is the opportunity to restart on new bases”, reacts the mayor of Bordeaux


Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of Bordeaux, in July 2020.
Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of Bordeaux, in July 2020 (GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP)

US investment fund King Street, owner of Girondins de Bordeaux, said Thursday April 22, that he does “wish to support more” the Ligue 1 football club “and finance its current and future needs”. The Girondins have been placed under the protection of the Bordeaux Commercial Court.

“This is the opportunity to restart on new bases”, reacted on News i Pierre Hurmic, the EELV mayor of Bordeaux. From the start, the elected representative found the financial package “kind of weird”. “King Street has never been able in two years to find the expected income from this investment. From the start, regardless of the crisis, he realized that it was not the Eldorado he expected.”

Pierre Hurmic describes King Street as “quite foreign to the functioning of our football clubs”. When the American investment fund bought the Bordeaux club two years ago, he claims to have been “one of the rare metropolitan elected officials to vote against this takeover”.

“An ad hoc representative” was appointed to assist FC Girondins de Bordeaux “in their search for a lasting solution,” the club said in a statement. Management evokes the economic context linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and the withdrawal of Mediapro which has “caused an unprecedented drop in revenues for French football clubs”.

“I want them to blame everything for the crisis, but they also paid dearly for this club”, considers Pierre Hurmic. King Street “got into debt with loans from American loan companies” and there was “a chronic club deficit”, says the mayor of Bordeaux.

According to the elected ecologist, this withdrawal of the American financier does not mark the end of the Girondins de Bordeaux.

“This is the opportunity to restart on new bases,” said the mayor. “A page will be turned and everything must be done to put in place a solution ensuring the sustainability of this club.”

Pierre Hurmic

to News i

Pierre Hurmic calls for “all supports” of the club so that they show themselves “united and vigilant so that the great sporting adventure of the Girondins, initiated 140 years ago, continues”. The mayor of Bordeaux ensures that he has the intention “to invest in ensuring that this club can restart on new bases”.

Asked to react to the latest government announcements concerning deconfinement, Pierre Hurmic says he does not want to “conditional around territorialization”. The Prime Minister indicated in particular that he did not rule out recourse to territorialization to fight against the spread of the virus. “I really hope that he removes this ambiguity, that he tells us, these will be measures that will be territorialized”, insists Pierre Hurmic. “This deserves to be clarified. “

The mayor of Bordeaux specifies that he asked Jean Castex to work “more with the territories, with the mayors”. Pierre Hurmic affirms that the Bordelais are “Girondins at heart, very attached to decentralization”. He adds that he invited the Prime Minister “to ensure that this exit from confinement” can be “worked together because of our knowledge of the terrain of our cities”.




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