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The strange entertainment of the Tunisians raised the voices of animal rights activists


The strange sport and entertainment of the “ram clash” in Tunisia has been accompanied by protests by animal rights activists.

Raising rams to fight in Tunisia is legal, according to News i. Hero rams cost up to $ 7,000.

The stench of ram and cow dung wafts from the back alleys of the Tunisian city of Mohammedan, 15 km southwest of the capital. In the city’s warehouses, which have unfinished buildings and unnamed streets, rams are kept for breeding and fighting.

Many of these fights take place between rams before Eid al-Adha. Many people gather to watch the races of these rams and watch them closely, which is why the price of the winning rams has risen so much.

In Tunisia, rams used for fighting are not killed unless they are defeated in a fight. At the same time, their owners can spend as much as 420 dinars ($ 152) on food as much as the Tunisian minimum monthly salary.

The fight between the rams lasts from a few minutes to an hour, and the animals constantly hit each other on the head until one of them falls or is injured.

The referee is often chosen on the spot and there are no rules in the race, except to make sure each ram has equal running space.

However, animal rights activists have repeatedly called for the sport to be criminalized. Under Articles 315 and 317 of the Tunisian Penal Code, a person can be sentenced to 15 days in prison and fined 4.80 dinars ($ 1.70) for abusing domestic animals.

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