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The fall of Ali Jahan? – News i

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“Alireza may have gone backwards, but as mentioned, he seems to have gone back a little to make a bigger leap into the future.”

According to News i, the newspaper East He wrote: “Alireza Jahanbakhsh, the winger of the Iranian national team, finally made a tough decision and left the English Premier League and the Brighton club. Jahanbakhsh decided to leave the best football league in the world at a time when he chose the same place where he was born in Europe to continue his career: the Dutch league. Ali Jahan has now joined Feyenoord on a three-year deal to experience the third Dutch team in his career. Feyenoord’s new No. 9 has already played for Nijmegen and Alkmaar in the Netherlands and is well acquainted with the country’s football atmosphere. The contract of the player of the national team of Iran is regulated in such a way that at the end of the third year, if the parties agree, it can be changed to four years. So unless something special happens, Jahanbakhsh will play in Dutch football for at least another three years. Of course, both he and football fans hope that his time at Feyenoord will be shorter than that, and that he will once again emerge from a prestigious league, this time a bigger club; An issue that is not far off due to the high potential of the world.

Has Alireza regressed?

This question has been constantly bothering the minds of Iranian audiences since it was determined that Jahanbakhsh is officially a Feyenoord player. Has Jahanbakhsh regressed instead of progressing in the world of football? Answering this question may not be difficult given the signs available; Leaving the English league and going to the Dutch league itself can be a step backwards. However, what if this step backwards is a distance to jump high into the future? It is true that the level of the English Premier League is not comparable to the Dutch league at all, but the taste of the coaches cannot be ignored.

Alireza worked hard from the first day he joined Brighton until the last training session of the team, but alas, he had no place in the thoughts of Graham Potter, the head coach of Brighton. With Potter staying in Brighton, it was clear that the situation for Jahanbakhsh at the club would not change much. So Jahanbakhsh left the English club with the right decision to go to a club where he will have the opportunity to play in the year leading up to the World Cup. Incidentally, this is what Alireza needs: to be seen! He was 22 years old when he made a name for himself in Nijmegen. The culmination of his career, however, was his three years at Alkmaar, where he was able to win the league title with 21 goals in one season. It was the brilliance on the same team that tempted Leicester City and Brighton to sign the young Iranian. Was Leicester a better choice for Alireza? It is never possible to give a definite answer, but it can be clearly said that Alireza was a pity in Brighton and no one saw him. Now, for a player who once won the title of Mr. Goalie in the Dutch league with a lesser-known team, achieving success with a well-known team like Feyenoord is not far off. Feyenoord won the Europa League last season and Jahanbakhsh has the opportunity to show himself not only in the domestic league but also in the Europa League in order to dominate the teams and maybe a better league. If he gets used to playing in Feyenoord, it is natural that he will have a good chance to play in the fixed lineup of the Iranian national team in the World Cup; So it can be seen for the second time in a season.

Of course, perhaps from another perspective, the causal fall of the world can be seen under a magnifying glass. He joined the English club at the time as the most expensive player in Brighton history; With personal jet and total dignity and respect. Alireza was honored the day he left Brighton, but there was no news of a private jet to transport him. He went to Brighton as the most expensive player in the history of the club in those days with 19 million Euros, but he sat on the bench long enough and got caught up in the strange thoughts of Graham Potter so that his value in the market would drop. If the value of Alireza is evaluated in transfers, yes, he has fallen and he has had a bad fall. The player, who was priced at 19 million euros, is estimated to be worth around five million euros these days. Worse news, however, is that, according to the Transfermarket website, Feyenoord did not even pay the same amount for Alireza and hired this valuable player with only 1.1 million Euros; A big win for Feyenoord and a heavy commercial defeat for Brighton. Of course, nothing has changed for Alireza himself in the meantime; Not a single rial of that 19 million euros has gone into his pocket, nor is he going to get anything out of this new 1.1 million euros; He has a certain weekly wage that was heavy on the Brightonians and they wanted to get rid of it. Now, for Alireza, a new weekly salary has been written in Feyenoord, with the difference that he plays as a fixed player in this club and every week he has the opportunity to show his abilities on the football field to those who thought and pretend that Ali Jahan is over. Is. “Alireza may have gone backwards, but as mentioned, he seems to have gone back a little to make a bigger leap into the future.”

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