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Ronaldo’s admirable action on the sidelines of the meeting with the Swiss representative


Before meeting Young Boys, Cristiano Ronaldo consoled the stadium staff for Ronaldo’s shot and handed him his shirt after the game.

According to News i According to the Daily Mail, the Manchester United football team lost its first game in the new season of the Champions League, against the Swiss representative “Young Boys”, which hosted the competition, with a result of 2 to 1.

Prior to the match, while Cristiano Ronaldo was warming up, his shot accidentally caused the ball to hit one of the stadium staff and the person fell to the ground, where Ronaldo appeared over his head and consoled him.

In the end, Ronaldo donated his shirt to the lady in this match in order to both appease her and show his high class of behavior.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored Manchester’s goal on Bruno Fernandez’s pass in the 13th minute. 20 minutes later, however, “Wenbisaka” was sent off to make it harder for Sulsher’s team, and the Red Devils lost 2-1.

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