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Persepolis’ next opponent in Asia will be determined on Friday


Persepolis will know its next opponent in the quarterfinals of the Champions League on Friday, September 17th.

According to News i, Persepolis football team crossed the Tajik Esteghlal barrier on Tuesday night with a goal by Mehdi Torabi in the last minute of the game, with a 1-0 lead, and reached the quarterfinals.

Thus, the four teams of Persepolis of Iran, Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr of Saudi Arabia and Al-Wahda of the UAE were the teams that reached the round of 16 of the Asian Champions League from the West Asian region.

The draw for this stage will be held on Friday, September 17th, and the teams from the western region will meet, and the teams from the eastern region will also meet.

The games of this round, like the previous round, will be held as a single elimination and will not be round-trip. The selection of the host team will be done at the same time as the draw.

This year, Persepolis was in the group stage with Al-Wahda of the UAE, and last year, in the semi-finals, it had a history of facing Al-Nasr of Saudi Arabia, and it remains to be seen which team Yahya Golmohammadi’s students will face this time.

The games of this stage will be held next month.

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