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“Passion is the engine of football, so we kill it” – News i

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President Ferrero, what did you think when the Superlega became a reality?
«That Andrea Agnelli is a great actor. We, several times, we asked him what was happening and he has always denied ».

Football for the rich is a reality …
“A disaster. They can’t kill the best sport in the world like that. I thank Draghi who opposed this project with firmness and decision. Italian football did not have the refreshments with which it could arrange the stadiums, but in this situation the premier gave us his support which is very important for us ».

But what will happen?
«There cannot be a championship without Juventus, but not even without Sampdoria, Genoa or Spezia. The Super League is also a damage to the country’s economy. Now we pay a billion in taxes. If we get to the rift, less money will come in and less money will go to the state. I fear consequences for the players themselves and for Mancini’s national team ».

But what did you say in the Lega?
«We are embittered, but as always dispersive. If there is really evil, we must bring out the good from that evil to protect our fans ».

But did you speak to Agnelli?
“Yes, and I complimented him. Andrea is a genius ».

Superlega is born: things to know

Ceferin doesn’t think the same way …
«The president of UEFA has said very strong things. But Mr. Juve has run in. He is playing his game. Meanwhile, he has resigned as president of the ECA. A nice gesture that must not remain isolated. Whoever came up with the idea is guilty, but so are those who followed and supported the idea ».

Don’t you think that, in the end, there will be a compromise?
“I do not know. They are trying to turn football into an elite game for billionaires. But they didn’t take into account a few factors… ».

For example?
«They must be accountable to the sovereign people. Are the creators of the Superlega sure that the fans are happy? And then, by doing so, they cancel a basic principle of football: meritocracy. Ranking is important. My colleagues and I spend a lot of money every year. The Super League kills the dream. The dream of fans and presidents. I am a passionate and passion is a great engine in football. Take Percassi: he made enormous sacrifices to build the Atalanta jewel and with this revolution he risks staying out of the Europe that matters: does it seem right? ».

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