Olympics 2021: the Games must “make our young people want to do all these disciplines, make them dream”, according to the president of the National Olympic Committee

The Olympic Games must “make our young people want to do all these disciplines, make them dream “, said Thursday, July 22 on News i Brigitte Henriques, president of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), while the Tokyo Olympics officially start on Friday.

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France will have “two exceptional flag bearers”, Clarisse Agbegnenou and Samir Aït Saïd, “ready to represent this beautiful symbol of France”, assures Brigitte Henriques. The French team has moreover “a goal of 40 medals”. Blues “can’t wait” to get on the track, adds the boss of the CNOSF.

News i: After the first football match of the Blues, what does it mean that the Games are launched sportingly for the France team?

Brigitte Henriques: Already, the Games have been able to take place. It is still something important for our athletes who have been preparing for years and who are hungry for the competitions to begin. And after the opening ceremony, we will already have more events. They can’t wait. And even if these are special games, we want to vibrate with sporting exploits that will be achieved and to see our Blues collect medals. That’s all we want them to do and that’s all we expect.

The real kickoff is the opening ceremony. How is it going to happen ?

Just that we will not be many in the stadium, since we are very few accredited to have this chance to be able to attend. We know that it will be in an empty stadium, but it will necessarily be, in terms of spectacle, something big. The local organizing committee really did their utmost to be able to offer viewers a great show. You just have to know that the athletes will leave the village early and that we will attend a beautiful parade despite everything.

“We will have two exceptional flag bearers with Clarisse Agbegnenou and Samir Aït Saïd. They are ready to represent this beautiful symbol of France with for the first time a mixed pair. We will have beautiful things.”

Brigitte Henriques, President of the CNOSF

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Is there a fear for athletes to be deprived of participating in the medal race because of the Covid?

Yes, it’s true. There is the temperature every morning, there are the saliva tests, there are the PCR tests. The protocols are really very strict. Obviously there is at the same time this happiness to see all this life in the village. We can see the athletes who are really very happy. And at the same time, we know that there is this stress which weighs heavily. We do not necessarily control everything. If ever we are in contact, that calls into question a lot of things. There is obviously that which weighs very heavily on everyone’s shoulders. Claude Onesta, the high performance manager at the National Sports Agency is in charge. He posted a goal of 40 medals. We can’t wait for the competition to start so we can hear The Marseillaise sound.

As the patron of Olympic sport, what are you going to watch very closely? The Olympic titles, the general behavior, the young people who will also be there to prepare for Paris-2024?

All. This French delegation is important. She represents France. So obviously the exemplary behavior, the athletes already have it. All these instructions, all these constraints, things are going really well, everyone fulfills them with great rigor. And then the Olympics, there is no need for motivation. It really is something extraordinary. There, we really see the values ​​of Olympism, with all these countries of the world and all these athletes of the world. We are preparing for 2024. So we want to see our talents be able to be at their best, and especially to consolidate themselves for those who will also make Paris-2024. And what is important to say is that they are symbols, these champions. Behind, there are beautiful stories with especially a lot of work. And it is true that without work, we have nothing. So I believe it is this symbol that they also embody for our youth. To provide, during that month, to make them dream, to make our young people want to do all these disciplines, to play sports, to join clubs. We really need it. And with the help of the passport that arrives, with these 50 euros reduction, from 6 to 16 years old for those who are eligible for the back-to-school allowance, we hope that, in addition, with these beautiful images that we will being able to see during the Games will make our young people want to become the champions of tomorrow.

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