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Milwaukee’s Phoenix opponent in the NBA Finals / Climb Celebration in the absence of Yannis

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The Milwaukee Boxing Basketball Team defeated Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals this season to win the Eastern Conference.

According to News i, in the continuation of the NBA Basketball League play-off stage games (Eastern Conference Finals), the Milwaukee Box team succeeded in reaching the final of this NBA season as the second team with the fourth victory against the Atlanta Hawks.

As Milwaukee and the Hawks met for the sixth time in the Eastern Conference Finals, Boxing won 119-107 for their fourth win to advance to the NBA Finals this season.

At the end of the match, “Middleton and Holiday”, two Milwaukee guards, became the stars of the field with 32 and 27 points, respectively. For the Hawks, Redish also scored 21 points.

Milwaukee’s Greek superstar Yannis Antitokunmpo did not play in the match due to injury.

The results of the games of these two teams in the final of the Eastern Conference were as follows (Milwaukee 4-2 Hawks):

First Game, 116-113 Atlanta

Second Game, 91-125 Milwaukee

Third game, 102-113 Milwaukee

Fourth game, 110-88 Atlanta

Game 5, 112-123 Milwaukee

Sixth game, 107-118 Milwaukee

Thus, the Milwaukee Box team reached the NBA Finals for the first time since 1974, when they won the Eastern Conference.

Thus, the final series of the 2021 season of the NBA Basketball League will begin on the morning of Wednesday, July 7, between the Milwaukee Box and the Phoenix Suns.

The playoffs and series of the NBA Basketball Tournament are held in the form of 4 wins out of 7 games, and each team that wins four times against its opponent, wins the series.

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