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Milan, the Italian Cup derby to restart. Has the market broken the balance? – News i


The blow was violent, painful, unsettling. So much so as to obscure even that winter championship which had been missing for exactly ten years and which is also the most concrete, most unequivocal proof of the extraordinary first round of the Milan. The ghost of Atalanta risks leaving its mark: the fear of an emotional backlash exists and should not be underestimated, precisely in order not to waste what has been done so far. Need one immediate reactionThis is why on Sunday, when training resumed, the club also wanted to make its presence felt, compacting itself around a group obviously with morale in pieces. Smiles and pats on the back: that’s it the director Maldini and the director Massara have wisely tried to ease the tension, avoiding dramatizing a defeat as clear as it is deserved.

  Milan, the Italian Cup derby to restart.  Has the market broken the balance?

Not happened nothing serious, the championship lasts four months and we are still ahead, we do everything to remain the synthesis of the speech of Stefano Pioli to his boys. Zlatan too Ibrahimovic he did not shirk his role as leader, trying to charge your companions and shifting attention to the fundamental derby on Tuesday evening in the Italian Cup. There is not only one at stake place in the semifinal, there is much more: the Devil needs a great test to put the horror show on Saturday behind him and resume the interrupted path.

The crucial point: after Inter, the Rossoneri will have three non-impossible matches in the league against Bologna, Crotone and Spezia, an ideal segment to place an extension. The good news the return after the disqualification of captain Romagnoli, who will recompose the starting couple with Kjaer. The bad one that for disqualification Gigio Donnarumma will be missing this time, punished for avoidable protests from the bench during the marathon with Toro which ended on penalties: in his place it is still up to the deputy, the Romanian Tatarusanu.

In the derby, Milan will have to show that they have learned the hard lesson of Saturday. After the blows against Lille and Juve, the reaction was immediate: it must be like this this time too. The mistakes against Atalanta were many, starting with the unfortunate choice of the attacking midfielder Meit, who did not convince anyone. It would probably have ended the same way with Diaz too, but certainly that solution with the former advanced Taurus will not be proposed again anytime soon. The club did very well in strengthening the team, but these are also the drawbacks of an enlarged squad: the more choice you have, the more you risk making mistakes. For Pioli, the challenge in the challenge will be to keep the balance unchanged which allowed deservedly to arrive up there. Eye: this Devil should not be distorted.

I am too alone up front, admitted Ibra at the end of the race. The absence of Calhanoglu, still struggling with Covid, makes itself damned felt: the Turkish is the only element capable of really bringing the departments together, without him the team broken in two. Similar speech for Bennacer, whose return after the muscle injury is approaching: thank goodness, because Tonali grows, but still too slowly.

That’s why Milan has nothing to do but grit their teeth and focus on who is there. Like Mario Mandzukic, the only good news on Saturday: in his debut he played an encouraging twenty minutes. The personality is there, the foot as well, the athletic condition is still to be found. From Milanello they assure him that he is accelerating to the maximum to cut down the times and increase the minutes: the wounded Devil needs him.

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