Margins in the World Champion Camp / Giro apologizes to M’Bape

Olivier Giroud apologized for his remarks after the match against Bulgaria.

French striker Olivier Giroud spoke of discrimination and disrespect after the match against Chelsea, which was accompanied by the reaction of Killian M’Bape, the star of the Roosters.

After making a lot of noise and putting Didier Deschamps into action, Olivier Giroud apologized and expressed hope that the events of this match would be forgotten.

Of course, it has been said that Killian M’Bape did not accept this apology and there was a lot of annoyance between him and Olivier Giroud, and these two players are now angry in the camp of the French national football team.

The 2018 World Cup champions will face the German national football team in their first match in the Euro.

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