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Kuman expresses hope despite heavy defeat against Bayern


The Dutch coach of Barcelona, ​​despite the heavy defeat against Bayern, still has hope for the future of his team.

According to News i and quoted by Marca, Barcelona started the new season of the Champions League with a disappointing start and lost to Bayern with three goals at the Nou Camp.

“We played well in the first half,” Kuman said after the game. The condition of the players was not good. Alaba was sick the night before, and De Jong came on for the first time. We have to be realistic and we need time according to the changes and conditions of the team. Bayern Munich is a team that has had the same structure for a long time and these players have been playing together for years.

He continued: “We have young players who will be the best in the next two or three years. I hope for the future. It is difficult to accept this defeat, but I promise we will get better. If Dembele, Anso Fati, Aguero and Coutinho get in the game and Di Jong adjusts to the team, our situation will definitely be better.

“We had to replace Alba because of his poor physical condition,” Kuman said. I think the fans understand our situation. Bayern is one of the main chances to win. They showed that they are the best in the second half. I do not seek excuses. It is difficult to play against Bayern. In the next 3-4 weeks, with the return of injured players, our situation will improve.

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