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A French father, without news of his children for three years, is on hunger strike in Japan. He would like to be heard by Emmanuel Macron, who will be in Tokyo on Friday July 23 for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Whatever the weather, for 12 days, Vincent Fichot has not moved. He is installed about a hundred meters from the Olympic stadium and no longer eats. Her hunger strike has one goal: to find her two children aged 3 and 5. In Japan, joint custody does not exist when a couple separates. Only one parent becomes guardian of the children. Since his separation in 2018, Japanese judges have banned the 39-year-old father from seeing his son and daughter.

This hunger strike is no longer a lonely fight. Every day, many come to see Vincent Fichot, starting with the French community of Tokyo, mobilized with one hope: the arrival on Friday July 23 in the capital of the French president. “It is possible that there is a gesture by President Macron with these Olympics which are a moment of brotherhood“, hopes a Frenchman. The police make Vincent Fichot understand that he must leave, because he is causing bad publicity in Japan, but he will not budge. “I have 80 kg left, I will give them to my children, all of them. It is not an act of despair, but of love towards them.“, he confides. In the evening, he finds himself alone and has difficulty sleeping after 12 days of fasting.


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