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Jahanbakhsh; A model for making the right decisions

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Amir Reza Ahmadi; In the continuation of the European Conference League, Alireza Jahanbakhsh shone once again in the composition of Feyenoord team, so that with his good performance, the question of many people why our country’s footballers do not play in prestigious European leagues, despite their brilliant talents, once again comes to mind. Although the Iranian football barracks is full of players who can play at high levels in Europe, but in recent years only a few players such as Jahanbakhsh, Tarmi, Azmoun, Qudus, etc. have been able to achieve success. At lower levels in Europe, we also have players who have performed well in the leagues of Belgium, Greece, etc., but it is quite clear that if Iranian players act a little professional, they will be more careful and obsessive in their choices, and other than The countries of the Persian Gulf should think of other countries as well. They can definitely repeat the golden age of our country’s legionnaires who shone in Europe with people like Ali Daei and Ali Karimi and play in world-class teams. The way that Tarmi and Jahanbakhsh They have fallen in its path and must continue it to reach the final destination.

Universal and the right choice of Dutch

Gilani, the son of Iranian football, who has been shining these days by joining Feyenoord of the Netherlands in the European Conference League, intends to repeat his brilliant days by returning to this league. Jahanbakhsh went to Nijmegen in the Netherlands from Damash Gilan in 2013 and was selected as the second top talent in the Dutch first division league in the 2013-2014 season. After that, Alireza continued his ascent and was able to play in Alkmaar with a higher quality, which in the last season of his presence in this team, he won the title of Mr. Goalie of the Dutch League. The title that caused teams like Leicester City and Brighton to seek him in 2018, and Jahanbakhsh finally left for Brighton. There, however, the situation did not go well for Alireza, Jahanbakhsh could not shine significantly during his three seasons in the Island League, despite a lot of effort and professional work. Although he was able to show a good performance every time he went on the field and recorded lasting frames such as scissors returned to Chelsea, but for various reasons he could not get his right and finally returned to the land of tulips with a reasonable choice to have his good days again. Alireza was able to score three goals in the pre-season matches of his team from the very beginning to show that with a correct and timely choice, we can return to the track of success. Although Jahanbakhsh could have left the island sooner, it is never too late to start again and experience new challenges.

Mehdi Taremi; The sequel is universal

Although until a few years ago, Tarmi was known as one of the pure talents of Iranian football, who may burn in the woods of his useless margins, but he finally went to Qatar, taking a correct and reasonable path. , Then joined Portugal’s Rio Ave and now plays for Porto, one of the country’s powers and once the champions of the Champions League. Undoubtedly, the most important element in Tarmi’s success was the risk of being in Europe and experiencing the difficult challenge that was created for him by participating in the teams of the Continental continent. Tarmi, however, came out of his own comfort bubble and in Rio Ave first learned the alphabet of attending professional clubs and became Mr. Gol so that he could become one of the stars of this team by transferring to Porto. His brilliance with Porto and his short distance with Mr. Goli’s repetition and brilliant performances against big teams such as Chelsea and Juventus made Tarmi one of the stars that can be expected to see him in bigger teams and higher quality leagues. It is as if he showed off his high quality to world football with a scissor kick, which he returned to Chelsea, which many believe is a candidate for the Puskاشs award.

Jahanbakhsh;  A model for making the right decisions

Test captain and Russian league; The same as always

Another pristine talent of Iranian football is Sardar Azmoun. The son of Gonbad Kavousi of Iranian football, who went to Russia much earlier than his other counterparts to taste the game in Europe, had to go to bigger teams in recent years, but in those years he had no desire to do so, and now many He is believed to have been left behind by other legionnaires. Many experts believe that for a player like Azmoun, Russia’s Tung is small and he should have gone to the big European teams, and it may be too late, but every year in the transfer season, a list of big teams wants to test the queue. And he will eventually stay in the same Russian league and will not move. A league that has been repeated for Sardar over the years due to his talent and ability, and he has to follow his dreams in bigger teams.

Jahanbakhsh;  A model for making the right decisions

Iranian football is waiting for new European travelers

Iranian football has unique talents that with a little attention, management and proper advice can go the way that the greats of Iranian football have gone and shine in European leagues. In recent years, however, the heavy offers of the Persian Gulf teams, the difficult economic conditions of the country and the efforts of the players to obtain adequate financial support, have made many of our country’s players determined to travel to these countries. The point that has been missed in the meantime is that being in European teams may initially bring less money, but Iranian players such as Mehdi Ghaedi, Mehdi Torabi, etc. have the ability to shine on the teams. Larger ones should be transferred and good money should be deposited in their accounts. What is needed is a right choice and professional life in clubs that go in a certain order, and Iranian players, if they are in such teams, can first learn the way to be in Europe, and then go to the big teams. A tough challenge that can change the course properly or take the path to the end that goes back to Iranian football and then say goodbye to this tumultuous world. What has happened to many footballers and It has no stars or non-stars.

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