“It’s better to surf while immersed in nature”: In Paris, the arrival of artificial waves divides

It is now possible to surf far from the sea without stepping outside. Wave in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement, is offering artificial waves 10 meters wide from Thursday, June 10. Louis, 23, board in hand, tested board sports for the first time on this water projected onto an inclined platform.

“It’s pretty fun, I thought it was going to be quite complex and in fact we get by quickly on our own and especially with the help of the coaches. Afterwards, we don’t control, so obviously there are falls, but no injuries. We really let ourselves fall, we are in the water, we must not forget that. I can already see myself coming back with my friends, once or twice a month. That would be great. friendly“, he shares enthusiastically.

In total, 160 cubic meters of water are propelled all day long by two electric pumps. A device that poses ecological questions. “This kind of complex has in fact a huge environmental impact if only in terms of water and energy consumption. All sports practices also require reducing its impact on the environment and that starts by avoiding creating artificial complexes “, regrets Diane Beaumenay-Joannet of the Surfrider association.

If you want to surf, it’s better to do it immersed in nature. It is the objective and the very essence of this sport which is to confront the natural elements.

Diane Beaumenay-Joannet from the Surfrider association

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Energy consumption remains minimal, defends the director of Wave in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Piette. “The water is in a closed circuit so there is no loss of water on energy. We have chosen to work with OUI Planète, which is a supplier of green energy. there is an electrical consumption, we cannot deny it, on the other hand it remains something reduced. “

And that won’t stop artificial wave surfing from continuing to develop. At least, that’s what Karel Dubois, director of the Wavesurfer company, assures us. It has already sold around fifteen equivalent platforms in France.

There are requests. We are installing more and more in hotels, shopping centers. In five years from now, in each water park there will be a system like that, in the campsites too.

Karel Dubois, director of Wavesurfer

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Artificial wave projects are already planned in other cities in France, in particular in Montpellier, Sevran and even on the Atlantic Ocean in Castets in the Landes. Nevertheless, environmental concerns sometimes prevail. In Saint-Père-en-Retz, in Loire Atlantique, the construction of a surf site has been abandoned.

In Paris, the arrival of artificial waves divides


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