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Rino Gattuso is not one who hides. He never did; so, having collected the victory against Parma, he does not think twice to tell everything that is wrong. Speaking openly also of the Napoli president, who – unhappy with the latest performances – would have contacted other coaches. «With De Laurentiis the relationship has always been good, but I do not hide the fact that in the last 15-20 days I am disappointed: the affair has been badly managed – the part of Gattuso’s long outburst regarding De Laurentiis made to Sky -. I don’t feel comfortable in this situation, I say it frankly. He never made me miss anything, I respect him. Contact other coaches? I’m just saying that regardless of the contract I didn’t sit at the table with teams that had also shown their interest in me ».

Earlier, Gattuso had also explained the more general situation. «Here I am taking slaps to the right and left every day, it seems we are last in the standings, I am massacred on time and it is difficult. Also because, since he fusses so much, something remains for the players … I don’t read anything, because I don’t want to hurt myself, but … I have to be able to work, but I already know that if I lost two games I would be back in discussion. You don’t work like that, you need seriousness ».

Who does he have it with? When asked directly, if his words were addressed to someone outside or inside the company, he says: “But I don’t know this, you judge. ‘Sta tarantella started a month ago, too many offenses, I hear about my fish shop, I hear people say that I am rude, that I am dying and I can no longer train … It is not easy, it is an anomalous stuff that is happening. Heavy words came from people who have worked here for many years, known people who have turned me so many gratuitous offenses. I cannot accept this, we will evaluate everything else ». Consequently, the contract was never renewed: “I can even sign five or ten years, I’m not tied to contracts, I’m tied to my emotions, I want to do my job as I know how to do it, I want to know what death you have to die, that’s enough. Then if I was wrong or if Aurelio was wrong (De Laurentiis, ed) I don’t know. When I’m good in a place, I always give my best. Do I feel comfortable in Naples? When I am with my players, yes, for the rest there is an air that I don’t like ».

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