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Health pass: “catastrophic” consequences for amusement parks

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Health pass: consequences "catastrophic" for amusement parks
France 3

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A.Peyrout, N. Fleury, France 3 Marseille, France 3 Dijon, C. Ricco – France 2

France Televisions

The drop in attendance at amusement parks in France following the implementation of the health pass on Wednesday July 21 is such that the losses of some companies are judged “catastrophic “, in full tourist season.

Since the introduction of the health pass on Wednesday July 21, theme parks are struggling in France. In Saône-et-Loire, an amusement park located near Le Creusot must check each visitor at the entrance, who must have a bar code with proof of a complete vaccination or a negative test for Covid- 19. The verification creates a new queue, and the measurement discourages some customers and creates organizational difficulties for others. Attendance fell by more than 50%. “The first day, it was really catastrophic“, explains Mathieu Chevalier, the director of the Parc des Combes.

In La Roque-d’Anthéron, near Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), an amusement park registers less than 60% of attendance in one week. Concern has given way to anger among the CEO of Grimmland Park, Maurin Hugues. “Imagine for a family business, or any business, being told that its turnover drops 60% overnight, it’s catastrophic. And all the parks in France have the same problem, and I don’t understand, nobody reacts“, deplores the manager.


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