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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Great return; Chris in “Theater of Dreams”

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Sepehr Sattari: The summer transfer window for the 2021 season is being pursued more and more insanely every day. When “Lionel Messi” and “Sergio Ramos”, as the first captains of the two world football giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​left for the French club Paris Saint-Germain a few weeks later, all football fans said to themselves in their hearts, “It will definitely not get weirder” but Now “Cristiano Ronaldo” has broken all the equations once again; Just like what he has done in the Green Rectangle over the years. The Portuguese superstar, who has long been reluctant to stay at Turin and Juventus, left the Bianconeri very quietly and without creating controversial margins.

Until last week, you did not find any human in the world to imagine such a scenario; Some believed that the relationship between Chris and Juve would not end until they won the Champions League, while others dreamed of his presence at Manchester City and PSG. But now, as he told reporters before, he did something no one could have imagined. CR7 is back in Manchester once again, in the red part of the city, again in the “Theater of Dreams”, all the dreams come true. Return to the place where his fame in the world of football started.

Chris, meanwhile, has been linked with a move to the Red Devils for € 15 million plus € 8 million in bonuses. However, until a few hours before the official news of Ronaldo’s transfer to “Old Trafford” was published, no trace of the reds could be seen around the Portuguese star! It even got to the point that some United fans, in response to the rumors of their former star being in the blue-shirted team of the city, in a hasty action, set fire to Ronaldo’s former number 7 shirt and red!

It was on Friday that “Ole Gunnar Solsshire”, at the request of United’s leaders, officially put the Manchester City whites in the race to buy Ronaldo and said to his former teammate: “We are here”. Surprisingly, even the Norwegian Red Devils coach did not believe he would see Chris in his squad after Ronaldo officially offered to leave Juventus! That’s why he said in a new comment: “I’m not gambling on Chris’s future team because I really don’t think he will return to Old Trafford at such a historic time.” Of course, Ole did not hide his admiration for him, so that his action would be something like sending the last signal of interpretation. “He is the legend of the club and I think he is the best player in history,” said Sulsshire. I was so lucky that I got the opportunity to play with him. Chris almost retired me because he was constantly changing places in the game against Wolverhampton when I was injured. You can also call him an extraordinary human being. Everyone who has been with him for even a minute has a special respect for him. We always had a good relationship and Bruno Fernandez talks to him directly many times during the week. “Ronaldo knows how we feel about him and if he wants to leave Juventus, he knows we are here.” The words seem to have penetrated Chris’ heart so that the Portuguese superstar could return home.

Of course, the reason why Sulsshire is so interested in Ronaldo goes back to his playing days; The Norwegian coach played with Ronaldo for four years and witnessed his growing growth and becoming a superstar. Ole respects the superstar as much as Ronaldo’s abilities and knows full well that “Chris” has been United’s missing link in all the years away and now he can bring the Red Devils back to their former place; A myth that is highly praised by fans.

In the meantime, it is still not clear to many why he decided to leave Juventus. To answer this question, we have to refer to the words of “James Hornxel”, the famous author of the Italian Serie A competition: “He won all possible honors internally with Juventus. In his first two seasons, he won the Serie A title, and last year he won the Coppa Italia and the Super Cup. Juventus, on the other hand, have become more financially stable with the sale of Ronaldo and can adapt to the problems of the Corona virus outbreak. The cost of keeping Ronaldo was very high given his net salary; Especially since the 36-year-old player had only one season left on his contract and there was no news of his desire to extend his contract. “Ronaldo is looking for a new challenge and Juventus are looking for a way out of the quagmire of financial problems.”

Author: David Ornstein

Translator: Sepehr Sattari

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