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from Bergomi to Zoff to Altobelli, the tears of the team mates of the 1982 World Cup – News i

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Suddenly, silence. That’s where the old guys realized that something was wrong, that Pablito wasn’t well. “It was late August, early September,” he says Alessandro Altobelli, the man of the third goal to Germany, in tears. «We have a chat, it’s called ‘World Champions 1982’. Jokes, jokes, memories. All of us are here. But Paolo was among the most active, he sent photos of the children, he talked about everything, football, family, news, politics. Then, three months ago, nothing more. We asked the wife, she explained the situation to us. Until the last second we cheered for him, cheering him on, giving him strength, because even if almost forty years have passed that team is still a team. And Paolo was the best of all of us, not only in the field: never seen refused an autograph, a photograph. These people came here especially for us, he told us, we cannot disappoint them ».

A real man, Rossi. As sincere and authentic as his smile, which in his companions’ memories of that legendary Mundial adventure he always comes back, systematically, so much so that it seems to see him again, as if we had him in front of us. “Because he gave it to everyone, that smile, even to the youngest, making them feel important,” she says Beppe Bergomi, who was little more than a kid in the national team. “But he was exactly this, a silent leader, effective, never blatant, extraordinary both as a center forward and above all as a person” he added Dino Zoff, the captain of that team that made the feat. And who yesterday did not hide his emotion, he who has always preferred to keep emotions inside: “I lost a friend.”

A word, friend, that comes back in the memory of each of the old companions, like the intact memory of that eternal smile. “You took us to the roof of the world. Damn 2020. Hello My Friend »the message of Bruno Conti. Giancarlo Antognoni: «We kids of ’82, always together all these years. Hello Friend”. Fulvio Collovati: «If I’m world champion I owe it to him. A part of my life goes away ». Franco Causio: «You went to join Bearzot and Scirea, as well as Cesare Maldini. Goodbye, brother ». The memory of Ciccio Graziani: «For me it was not a colleague, for me it was a brother. It deserves national mourning ». Claudio Gentile: “You were a great guy.”

The words of Antonio Cabrini is Marco Tardelli, to which he was very attached. «You forever with me, brothers you become. Rest in peace », wrote the first on social media, who in that unforgettable Spanish month was Rossi’s roommate. Tardelli instead chose the line of a song by De Gregori: “Always and forever on the same side you will find me.” Together and united, friends and brothers. As a team. Like the team. Their, ours. Forever and For Always.

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