Euro 2021: launch of the football competition in Rome with 16,000 spectators



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The launch of Euro 2021 takes place on Friday June 11 in Italy, with the entry into the running of Squadra Azzura, which hosts Turkey in Rome. The competition will be held in eleven different countries under health restrictions.

It is in Rome, Italy, that the Euro 2021 begins Friday, June 11: an atypical football competition to be held in eleven countries across Europe. The Olympic stadium accommodates 16,000 people out of 70,000 seats for this first match between Squadra Azzura and Turkey. “Theoretically people will not have anyone next to them, so we will see if with the joy of football, with the atmosphere, perhaps of goals scored by the Italians, people will not tend to get closer, but the idea is not to put everyone in the same forum“, explains the journalist Alban Mikoczy, live from Rome for the 20 Hours of France 2.

In the city and elsewhere in Italy, fan zones have been set up to allow Italians to see the game on giant screens. Rome’s main fan-zone expects 2,000 people. Spectators are vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19, and have also completed a form with their contact details.

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