Euro 2021: how to enforce sanitary rules in fan zones?



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J. Lonchampt, K. Lempereur, M. Diawara, JJ. Mier, PM. From the Foata – France 3

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On the eve of Euro football, the government authorizes fan zones, but with very strong health constraints. For many municipalities, it is a headache.

The pennants are already floating on the eve of the launch of Euro football, which will begin on Friday 11 June. Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis) is preparing its fan zone, and the time has come for adjustments. The zone must welcome spectators from June 28, with a giant screen which will broadcast the round of 16. The health pass is mandatory to enter, and no spectator must be standing.

With the protocol we just received, over the first two games, I think we will be less than 1,000 people“, imagines Damien Jean-Fran├žois, employee of the city of Noisy-le-Grand. During the World Cup, in 2018, more than 6,000 inhabitants gathered every evening. Even if the crowd is small, we meet nonetheless raises the question of knowing how to enforce barrier gestures in a euphoric crowd.In a Parisian bar, a manager has added screens to avoid crowds.

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