Copa America: the Supreme Court gives the green light for the competition to be held

The Brazilian Supreme Court confirmed this Thursday the holding of the Copa America (June 13 – July 11) in the country.

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The Supreme Court of Brazil authorized this Thursday, May 10, the conduct of the Copa América football in this country however hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of its judges having rejected the appeals for the cancellation of the tournament.

After six out of 11 judges voted in favor at an extraordinary session of the Court, the highly controversial competition is set to begin on Sunday, with the opening match between Brazil and Venezuela in Brasilia.

Brazil is the second most bereaved country in the world by the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 465,000 dead.

“It is a real madness to organize such an event here”, said epidemiologist José David Urbaez, from the Brasilia Center for Infectious Disease. “The worst phases (of the pandemic in Brazil) in 2020 were three to four times smaller than what we are seeing today. We have this false impression that things have improved. The reality is that we are still in a terrible phase of very rapid propagation “, he told AFP.

Brazil experienced a particularly deadly second wave, with the death toll dropping from 200,000 to 400,000 from January to April. Restrictions began to ease last month when the number of daily deaths stabilized below 2,000. But according to experts, a third wave is coming in the coming weeks, fueled by the spread of new variants. So in the middle of the Copa América …

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