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Beppe Bergomi: “I had the coronavirus, I couldn't even sit down”

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A workout, a stalk with friends, one of them coughing. Then the work, the flu symptoms that lasted “20-25 days”, the quarantine throughout Italy and finally the serological test that reveals the positivity to coronavirus.

He told it Beppe Bergomi, 56 years old, in an Instagram chat with Giacomo «Ciccio» Valenti: «I did the serological test 15 days ago and I tested positive for IGg and negative for IGm», ie the antibodies that indicate respectively the previous disease and the disease currently in progress.

“Since March 8, I have been sick about fifteen to twenty days – said the former world champion in Spain '82 – I was not well, I was always in pain and I was weak. I could not sit down because of the pain in my back, but I had neither a cough nor a high fever: I had problems with my sense of smell, but not with my lungs. I was always cold and I had two heaters brought. But I wasn't afraid. Then after nine days the pain went away, but I was at stake 20-25 days. Now I'm doing great and I started running again. I tried to make the tampon, but they told me that after thirty days I should be okay ».

Bergomi also thought he had an influence: «My friends made fun of me and told me I was thinking about it too much, but I was not well, I was always in pain, I was always weak. I was a fool, I underestimated this contagion and I was too much in contact with people. February 21 (the day of “patient 1” in Codogno, ed) I did the last training and one of them (training partners, ed) had pneumonia, from then on we didn't play more games. On the 25th I was in Naples to comment on the match against Barcelona, ​​then I was in Perugia to see the match against Benevento ».

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