Behind the scenes of the Olympics. French basketball players happy to be in Japan because many are fans of Japanese culture

One piece manga exhibited at the Paris Book Fair, March 18, 2019. Exhibition photo. (JOEL SAGET / AFP)

The majority of the athletes have now arrived in Tokyo, The sanitary protocol is strict, difficult to taste the local folklore. And yet several French athletes say they love Japanese culture, especially manga. There are stories that we read that strike us. Stories that transform us. For Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, 2017 world champion in the 800 meters, it was One piece, a Japanese manga that has sold almost 500 million copies worldwide.

“One Piece” is my favorite manga! I could quote a lot! Right now I’m watching “Attack on Titan” …

While his teammate Evan Fournier: “Me, it’s more ‘Dragon Ball Z’, it’s my favorite movie” Rudy Gobert, sprinter Jimmy Vicaut, handball right-back Nedim Remili, there are several French people and other foreigners who devour manga in their spare time. Not really a coincidence when we observe the script, a manga, is often a hero who surpasses himself to accomplish his dreams, it looks like the life of a high level athlete. Not to mention sports manga.

Finding this manga culture, he was just waiting for that, Rudy Gobet, the basketball player: “It’s clear that for my first time in Japan, it’s really cool to be there, you really feel the Japanese culture. Already the language, being able to use my little Japanese words that I’ve heard in manga since then. years.” Unfortunately, athletes are quite far from real life, from the public: health restrictions put them in a bubble.

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