Ballack: The credibility of German football has been damaged

Michael Ballack expressed hope that the German national football team could achieve good results in the Euro.

“Unfortunately, Germany has not had good results in the last few years,” said Michael Ballack, a former midfielder for the German national football team, at the 2020 European Championships, according to News i. The 6-0 defeat to Spain and the loss to Macedonia at home damaged the credibility of German football. You have to fight for credibility and I hope that the national football team can perform well in this period. In my opinion, at least we should reach the semi-finals, and this is the least demand from Germany.

In another part of his speech, he said: “Germany is a very good team in attack, but unfortunately it does not have good conditions in defense.” We have a high standard from an individual point of view, but I must say that we are not a “team” at all and the team unity is low, which I hope Joachim Loew has worked on in the Euro.

The German national football team will face world champions France in their first match at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

News i


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