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Allegri: There was a lot of pressure on us but we got results


The Juventus coach expressed his happiness for winning the first step in the Champions League.

According to News i and quoting Italian football, Juventus defeated Malmo Sweden 3-0 to be the leader of Group H while achieving their first victory this season. In this match, Alex Sandro scored in the 23rd minute, Dybala scored from the penalty spot in the 45th minute and Murata in the 45 + 1 minute for Juventus.

Massimiliano Allegri said: “When you play in the Champions League, there is always stress, especially when playing away from home and naturally after three Serie A games in which we did not perform well, the pressure was a little more. The kids played well on a technical level, we could have done better in some situations in the first half. We must progress and get better. The results affect how you judge your work.

“The psychological aspect is 90% of exercise, because when you make individual mistakes, your confidence goes down,” he said. We have to forget this match and think about playing in the league.

Juventus will face Milan in their next league match, having won all three of their league games, and the match between the two teams will be interesting.

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