12 new cases of corona in the Olympic Games

According to the organizers of the competitions, the corona test of 12 other people related to the Olympics in the last 24 hours was positive.

The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics said on Thursday that the corona test of two athletes living in the Olympic Village was positive for Covid-19, according to News i and quoting the Telegraph.

Organizers announced a total of 12 new positives, including the two athletes, which brought the total number of people with a corona in the Olympics to 87.

The two athletes have not been reported in the media yet, and the other 10 are people who were somehow related to the Olympics, and even 4 of them were in the Games village.

Also, 4 athletes have been excluded from the Olympic Games due to coronary heart disease and have lost their chances to participate in these competitions.

The Olympics will officially start tomorrow, Friday, with the opening ceremony.

News i


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