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The important role of 3D printing technology in the Tokyo Olympics


3D printing equipment plays an important role in helping athletes and organizers at the Tokyo Olympics, and this innovative technology is used in both competitions and various Olympic events such as the opening.

According to News i and quoting Iya, “Additive manufacturing” technology, commonly known as “3D printing”, has quickly evolved from a research laboratory method to a creative tool for innovators around the world, and we see a special presence at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

For example, a French athlete takes his custom 3D printing equipment to the Tokyo Olympics. This equipment was designed and printed by a company called “Athletics3D”, a French 3D printing company specializing in improving sports performance.

Olympic silver medalist French athlete Celine Gobrevil will compete in the 10m Tokyo Olympic air pistol shooting competition and has worked with the company to ensure she can perform at her best. Improve the pistol he uses in competitions.

Various designs were printed in 3D with a printer called the Zortrax M300 Dual 3D. This printer is the size of a laptop and is capable of high quality printing without any need for monitoring.

After numerous reprints and repetitions, Goebbels finally settled on a design and went with it to the recent European Shooting Championships in Croatia. These competitions were his last chance to test the effectiveness of this project before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, during which he reached the final elimination stage, where he won a bronze medal.

While Gobrev was pleased with the weight and shape of his pistol, he was not entirely satisfied with its end surface. Shooters typically prefer a rough surface because it gives them stronger grip. However, he wanted his pistol to have a softer end surface, and the Athletics 3D team worked on it immediately.

3D printing equipment usually has visible lines where the printer finishes adding a layer and starts printing another layer. Therefore, the printer’s processing system uses a proprietary intelligent vapor technology (SVS) that uses acetone vapors to smooth and smooth 3D printed surfaces.

The company eventually processed two identical pistols that Goebbels would take to the Tokyo Olympic Village. He intends to use one and keep the other as a backup in case of emergency.

The use of 3D printing materials and equipment at this year’s Olympics is so impressive that all 98 stands used at the Olympics have been 3D printed from more than 24 tons of household plastic waste.

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