The first test flight with a backpack helicopter

An Australian company has released a video of the first flight of its electric backpack helicopter.

According to News i and quoted by Daily MailThis helicopter, called the CopterPack, uses batteries to power its blades, unlike fossil fuel jetpacks.

In the 69-second video of the flight, the pilot of the helicopter rises from a standing position to an airplane, then rises to a height of 50 feet (15 meters), floats in the air for 40 seconds, and then slowly descends. comes.

“Early last year, I thought of building a backpack helicopter. This helicopter is still in the early stages,” Matt, the inventor of the CopterPack, who only revealed his first name, told the Daily Mail. Matt explained that a lever is designed for the right hand and a three-axis guide for the left hand. The helicopter moves in any direction the pilot directs.

Its blades are 3 feet (approximately one meter) in diameter and are attached to the back inside carbon fiber rings.

Due to the small size of the batteries, this helicopter is not expected to stay in the air for long, which is why it uses large blades that can provide better lifting power.

News i


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