Technology: an association denounces the planned obsolescence of televisions


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France 3

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B. Aparis, N. Robertson, A. Guery, X. Roman, M. Kassou – France 3

France Televisions

Televisions are more and more sophisticated, but also more and more fragile. This is what denounces an association which fights against planned obsolescence.

Always larger, brighter and more connected, televisions are always more sophisticated. According to a report from the association Stop planned obsolescence, their lifespan does not wait eight years, on average. “What poses a problem today in televisions are both technical failures, with small capacitors, which are undersized, and also, software failures, which reduce the lifespan of televisions.“, explains Laetitia Vasseur, director of the association.

Technological innovations thus reduce the reliability and lifespan of devices, whereas consumers would like to keep them for at least ten years. Between 2017 and 2019, only 29% of broken TVs were repaired, but that’s not the only motivation to buy new devices. 13% do so for a change of standard and 32% to acquire a new model.

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