Space tourism: Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after his space flight



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Jeff Bezos talks about the “happiest day of his life”. The billionaire is back on Earth after making his first flight in space on Tuesday, July 20. He was accompanied by an aviation pioneer, and an 18-year-old Dutchman.

Jeff Bezos opened the rocket door himself, and stepped out as relaxed as a car. And yet, it has just completed its first space flight, Tuesday, July 20. The 18-year-old Dutchman who accompanied him hugs his father in his arms, who paid him his ticket to space. OEleven minutes earlier, their little rocket had taken off at three times the speed of sound. They went up to 106 km altitude. Everything has been thought of for this tourist flight, from the automatic pilot to the large windows to admire the view.

At 82, Wally Funk takes revenge on NASA who did not want her. “It’s awesome, I love it “, she exclaims in weightlessness. When it returns to Earth, the capsule is braked by parachutes. We will build a road to space for our children and their children. And mankind must do this to solve the problems of our planet“Says Jeff Bezos. The billionaire dreams of outsourcing polluting industries in space.

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