Space tourism: is it really useful?



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S. Ricottier, J. Benzina, L. Le Moigne, A. D’Abrigeon – France 2

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After Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos flew into space on Tuesday, July 20. It will be Elon Musk’s turn in September. But what are these tourist travel in space?

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin; Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon; and soon Elon Musk, boss of Tesla. These three billionaires have the same goal: send tourists into space. Two succeeded in their demonstration. Is it a new hobby for the rich or a scientific breakthrough? Richard Branson wants to make a business out of it : he would already have 600 reserved tickets, each sold around 200,000 euros. Jeff Bezos thinks bigger: his flight was a test for a longer science mission. His company has already created a moon landing gear, which can carry four tonnes of cargo, and which could help astronauts return to the moon within five years.

Elon Musk’s company provided NASA with the launcher that sent Thomas Pesquet to the ISS. Private companies are becoming more and more essential to the space programs of States. But there remains a major problem: the impact environmental impact of these space programs. Jeff Bezos’ flight released as much CO2 as a human being in eight years.

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