Solar eclipse: when the world’s eyes are on the sky


Video length: 2 min.

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J. Benzina, C. Colnet, A. L├ępinay, P. Goldmann, Images Nasa – Observatoire de Paris – France 2

France Televisions

A solar eclipse roamed our skies for about two hours, Thursday, June 10. For a few moments, the moon slipped in front of the sun, and some French people were able to observe the rare phenomenon.

Above Manhattan, in New York (United States), the stars play to put us in our eyes with a crescent of the sun, and no moon. Thursday June 10, the moon slipped between the sun and the earth, casting its shadow on certain regions of our planet. This is called an annular eclipse, because where the alignment is perfect, a ring of fire emerges when the moon is just ahead.

To observe this phenomenon, Thursday morning in Arras (Pas-de-Calais), enthusiasts paw the telescope. “The power of the sun and the celestial mechanics, it’s great, it’s fascinating”, rejoices an observer. Seen from France, the sun is only very partially eaten away by the moon. When the moment of truth arrives, our terrestrial observers feel astonishment, even emotion. In Edinburgh, Scotland, it was with the family and with the essential protective glasses that we savored this heavenly hide-and-seek.

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