Revolution in street lighting system with a paint-like coating

A unique color-like coating has been produced that could revolutionize street lighting systems around the world.

According to News i and quoted by Daily Mail, Nevana Designs in the UK has developed a formula called “STARPATH” that can illuminate ordinary paths in the dark by absorbing ultraviolet light during the day.

This coating can be used on any solid surface, including asphalt and concrete, and is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to current traditional methods. Simply put, this product is made from natural earth materials that absorb ultraviolet light and glows in the dark.

This product is ready to use only four hours after application on a surface and retains its brightness for approximately 10 hours. This product, which has a natural appearance during the day, emits different colors at night, including green and blue.

Its price per square meter depends on the size of the fine particles, the depth of the surface and the amount of luminosity.

When asked what inspired him, Hamish Scott, the inventor of the cover, told the Daily Mail: “As a child, I always saw my father eager to recycle plastic on a commercial scale. So I was looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to help with the global climate change crisis. I wanted to use land resources to help reduce energy demand and carbon emissions.

“STARPATH” is an affordable solution that can replace the street lighting system and eliminate the need for expensive and energy-intensive infrastructure.

“Currently there are more than 300 million street lights, we believe STARPATH can reduce the need for lights,” he said.

Street lighting is very important and affects the general sense of safety and improves the visibility of drivers and provides an attractive environment for tourists when it gets dark.

Today, however, one-third of the roads are still lit with 1960s technology, and about 40 percent of each city’s electricity costs are spent on them.

Many cities have replaced the old LED lights, but this change has not been enough to reduce energy consumption.

Nwana believes that a combination of ground materials and polymers could be a good solution to this problem.

The product of this company is offered in 25 kg bags and after spraying on the desired place, it is effective for up to 25 years. This time is not only longer than the useful life of the roads, but also longer than the life of the lights, which is three to four years.

“Its zero-energy formula, which is environmentally safe, will be a powerful tool to reduce carbon emissions and not cause light pollution,” says Scott.

“Our goal is to help with climate change and save energy in a natural way,” he said. This technology can also be used to mark streets.

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