New technology that detects different types of coronaviruses before they appear!

Australian researchers have developed a new technology that can detect viruses, including coronaviruses, before they appear in the wild and allow them to be eradicated.

According to News i and quoted by SaitkodiliIt is now possible to detect a variety of viruses, including the Covid-19 coronavirus, in the laboratory quickly, even before they appear in the wild and become a major challenge.

Researchers at the University of Queensland, the QIMR Berghofer Institute for Medical Research, the Peter Doherty Institute for Safety and Infection Research and Monash University in Australia have developed a technology to artificially manipulate viruses that Provides rapid analysis and mapping of new types of viruses.

“This technology is ideal for use during the Covid-19 epidemic,” said Professor Alexander Khromykh, the project’s lead researcher.

He added: “Perhaps this method will enable us to answer the question of whether potential types of viruses are vulnerable to a particular drug or vaccine before they appear in the wild.”

“So far we have just waited and reacted to the emergence of viruses,” Kromik said. The world is affected by Indian, English and African coronaviruses.

Researchers at the University of Queensland processed copies of the virus ‘genetic material to put the virus’ genome into a test tube. This allowed scientists to quickly produce different types of viruses and evaluate their ability to evade antiviral therapies and vaccine-derived immunity.

The QIMR Berghofer Institute evaluated virus-induced infection and disease in vitro in preclinical models to ensure that the technology could produce valid viruses.

“This research is necessary because viruses are always changing,” said Professor Andreas Suhrbier, one of the project’s researchers.

“We can now look at changes in viruses like the coronavirus and see which types may not respond to some vaccines and antiviral therapies,” he said. We can also look at whether the risk of these potential types of viruses is higher or lower in mice and which drugs and vaccines will work. This is a good way to have such a tool and start solving these challenging questions.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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