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“ It’s a passion, scouting for adults! ”: The fed up of survivalists who no longer want to be associated with sects or the extreme right

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The survivalist community would have done well without this disastrous new advertisement. Alas: a few hours after the kidnapping of the young Mia, 8 years old, finally found in Switzerland safe and sound with her mother, who had lost custody, on the airwaves of all radios in France, including Franceinfo, spreads the murmur of an operation fomented by a commando of survivalists. Exciting, by the way, the interest of the listener, so much the term runs away in a sulphurous landscape: Cassandre fanatics, end of the world, “collapse, fallout shelter, survival rations, bow hunting and military gas masks.

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In specialized forums, those who show an interest in survivalism get annoyed and rant: People are afraid of what they don’t know : in what are we a sect or dangerous ?, indignant Erik, 41 years old. I take my wife and my son to make explosions in the forest on a weekend, we are in the fresh air, we meet and we disconnect. At the same time we test ourselves, like training, just in case … ”

“Most of the journalists who post tea towels on us don’t bother to come and talk, plague on its side Antoto Run on the Facebook page Survivalists of France. These are articles that synthesize two or three others, with a little personal prejudices to season it all. ”

It must be said that from its origins, survivalism is not a frankly presentable friend. If only because of the personality of Kurt Saxon, who theorized the movement in the 1960s (Editor’s note: the authorship of the word is uncertain, but the importance of Kurt Saxon, in the emergence and popularization of the concept , relatively consensus).

Kurt Saxon, Donald Eugene Sisco of his real name, is thus a member of the American Nazi Party, of the John Birch Society, an American far-right movement, of the Church of Satan and, finally, of Scientology. The libertarian then claims to train the Wasp (Protestant Anglo-Saxon White) to impose themselves and dominate those whom they consider to be the enemies of the people. Among them, in the first place, obviously the communists, anarchists and other leftists, but also drug addicts and students. In terms of ancestry, we have known more attractive … The latter is almost unanimously rejected nowadays by the vast majority of neo-survivalists, especially French, who see it more as a practice focused on autonomy and independence from the economic system and state infrastructure, close to nature.

Learning survival skills is entertainment, a hobby, a passion, scouting for adults who have fun for the vast majority. ”, explains Internet user Cyril S. on the page of “Survivalistes de France”.

“It appeals to our instinct for survival, takes us back to childhood, in a country like ours which is not at war and where survival consists above all in working to have money and to compensate for the barter that does not exist. no longer exists and have a bank card to live on a daily basis. ”

“Survivalism is a smart approach to anticipate the unpredictable, completes Terry D., another Internet user, on the same forum. A philosophy of life for the protection of our loved ones, perhaps illusory, but oh so reassuring. ” Especially since if a minority displays a selfish vision of survivalism (with the” emeltdown, a few elected officials, better prepared than the others, will survive and each will have to rely on himself to not perish), a majority shows a good altruism, with the idea that horizontal relationships in the transmission of knowledge and knowledge -doing can benefit the whole community.

“Does it bother anyone if it amuses me to think that maybe, one day, everything will fall apart and that I will be one of those who will not suffer because I have prepared myself, asks Gaétan, 32 years old. There are a few guys who are a bit ‘borderline’ among survivalists, but we are average … And even those who like guns, or a little ‘fanatic’, who does that bother? Hunters also buy weapons. “

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In this regard, this attraction to objects in the military domain (weapons, knives, gas masks, survival rations, ammunition, powerful lamps, camouflage-pattern backpack) seems to be more a collector’s fetish than an attraction. morbid for weapons or a rational process of equipping imposed by the prospect of having to survive in chaos after “collapse”, a term often used by survivalists and collapsologists. Yves Cochet, doctor in mathematics and former Minister of Regional Planning and the Environment in the government of Lionel Jospin, had defined the” emeltdown so : “A process at the end of which the basic needs (water, food, housing, clothing, energy, mobility, security) are no longer provided to a majority of the population by services framed by law.”

For some neo-survivalists, this is a fear that they consider justified and that must be anticipated. In discussion groups, on the internet, these survivalists are not legion, even if they do exist and are one of the components of this at least heterogeneous community. Rather, most see “ collapse ” as an eventuality, a reason to learn skills, such as bushcrafting, hunting, lighting fires, warming and feeding in the forest, etc. In short, like a play totem for adult scouts or lovers of extreme sensations in nature.

There are the survivalists I call optimists, those who are preparing for a partial system collapse and who are starting to seek self-sufficiency and autonomy., explained on April 16 on News i Laurent Combalbert, former negotiator of the Raid. And then, on the other side, there are the aggressive survivalists, who are in a logic of almost voluntary collapse, sought after, who are found by a few hundred on networks and on specialized pages. ”

“The term survivalist for this first category is exaggerated, continues this specialist in kidnappings and survivalist movements and collapsologists. They are not looking for survival, they are looking for a different life. “

“The aggressive survivalists or the ‘collapseists’, those who seek the collapse of the system are in a logic of weapons, rather solitary, in small groups, small packs.”

Laurent Combalbert

to News i

“They are more in the logic that if the system collapses, continues Laurent Combalbert, people will not help each other, but will kill each other and we will have to survive while a new social system is organized. Conversely, the others are more in the search for self-sufficiency, energy autonomy, localism, manage to eat locally, have the lightest possible ecological impact, reduce consumption. So they are rather united and play on mutual aid. “ A few leagues, therefore, from the fantasy of the lone wolf, armed and paranoid.


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