“Endurance” recorded a 360-degree view of Mars

NASA’s “Endurance” astronaut recently released a 360-degree view of Mars’ surface.

According to News i and quoting IyaThe astronaut is now in the “Van Zyl Overlook” area at the mouth of the sea, where scientists believe a lake once stood.

This 360-degree image was captured by the “Endurance” rover-mounted camera during the 13 days it remained stationary, at 2.4 billion pixels.

These images were recorded on the 53rd day of Earth and the 64th day of Mars from the presence of this astronaut on the surface of the Red Planet.

The “endurance” astronaut is entering the scientific phase of his mission. So far, the astronaut has shown that oxygen can be produced from the Martian atmosphere, has captured 75,000 images, and even recorded and sent sounds to the surface of Mars.

In this image, you can see the northern part of the planet Mars

“Over the next few months, Endurance will explore a 1.5-square-mile area,” said Jennifer Trosper, NASA’s astronaut project manager. The first extraterrestrial specimens from this region are collected to be returned to Earth.

When the “Endurance” rover landed, NASA recorded the first film on the Red Planet, but no sound was recorded at the time, which was postponed for months.

Although we are several years away from reaching Mars, we know that “endurance” does more than search for life on Mars. This is the first and most important step towards achieving the technologies needed to build civilization on Mars, which assures us that we are safe from potential dangers that may occur to Earth.

East of the planet Mars

West of Mars, in this image, the helicopter of genius and endurance cycles can be seen

South of the Red Planet

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