DIRECT. Follow US billionaire Jeff Bezos’ first space flight

What there is to know

Jeff Bezos, historical creator of Amazon, takes off on Tuesday, July 20 on board rocket New Shepard for a space flight, the first for his company Blue Origin. It is due to take off at 3 p.m. from the Texas desert (United States), with three other passengers, to experience weightlessness for the first time.

Four passengers on board. No question for the billionaire to make the trip alone. At his side, three other people will take place: his brother Mark, but also Wally Funk, 82, aviation pioneer, and the young Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old Dutchman. They will respectively become the oldest astronaut and the youngest in the world.

A few minutes of weightlessness. The rocket New Shepard will accelerate towards space using an engine running on liquid hydrogen and oxygen, without carbon emissions. The capsule will then separate from its thruster and the neo-astronauts can unbuckle their belts to experience weightlessness. They must go six kilometers beyond the Karman Line, internationally recognized as the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. At the top of their space flight, Jeff Bezos and his fellow travelers should be 106 kilometers above us.

A flight nine days after Richard Branson. It’s barely over a week after the founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, flew a few minutes to the frontier of space, that the ex-boss of Amazon will take off. The two billionaires clashed from a distance in a race to space tourism. This is Blue Origin, a structure founded by Jeff Bezos himself, who is at the origin of this theft. It plans two more launches this year and “many others” from 2022.

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