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Campaign to return Persian language to Kindle


About a year after the removal of the Persian language from the American Kindle book platform, a campaign has been launched to return the language and Amazon’s support for the Persian language.

According to News i, the first version of the Amazon Kindle, the electronic hardware developed by Amazon.com for reading e-books, was released on November 19, 2007. These days, of course, in addition to related hardware, it can be easily accessed by installing Kindle software on various devices.

A simple search on Kindle shows that there is no more Persian-language books on this platform; This is why users reacted like this: “I could not believe that the language of more than one hundred million people is not among the languages ​​that Kindle supports.”

This issue has now caused those interested in Persian language and literature to launch a campaign to return this language to the Kindle platform.

According to the campaign statement, the new service has refused to provide services in Persian since Crete’s printing service merged with Kindle late last summer.

Of course, some justify Amazon’s move in the face of US sanctions on Iran: “The reason is that Amazon can not make money in Iran. Even if sixty billion speak this language, it still does not matter to them. “Capitalism loves money, not culture.”

However, it should not be forgotten that not only are not all Persian speakers living in Iran, but today there are ways for Iranians to circumvent these restrictions, including the use of cryptocurrencies.

Also, Kindle was not the only platform that had Persian language in its product list until a year ago, while many users have migrated from Amazon to other platforms due to the high cost of books, there are many platforms around the world that Persian language is one of There are languages ​​in them.

Goodreads is a well-known book social network that has been supporting Persian for a long time. Other platforms available include Google Ebookstore, Library Genesis or LibGen, a Russian book download site, and more.

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