Bertrand Piccard: “There are more important priorities than space tourism”


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Bertrand Piccard, founder of Solar Impulse, is invited to the 23h de News i Tuesday, July 20 to comment on the space conquest of billionaires Branson, Bezos and Musk.

“With the heart, I would say it’s extraordinary. To innovate and invent, I find that great. With the spirit, I don’t really support this space tourism. I think there is a lot to do to protect our planet rather than using fuel for five minutes in space “, believes Bertrand Piccard, founder of Solar Impulse and pioneer of the solar airplane.

“Elon Musk is an extraordinary person, but he is completely unreasonable in sending people to another planet instead of saving Earth. The human being, if he is able to destroy his planet, will destroy all the others. It is much better that we protect our planet, that we come back to more reason to save ours. On Mars or elsewhere, we will live in spacesuits, under a bell, in bunkers, that’s not how I want to live“, explains the president of the Solar Impulse foundation.

Personally, if I could go up there, I would find it great. I’m very happy for this 18 year old Dutchman, but I don’t see how humanity is going to improve with this stuff. If I were a billionaire, I would fight against inequalities, I would put in place clean energies. There are too many problems to be solved to go have fun like this. There are more important priorities than space tourism“, concludes Bertrand Piccard.

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