Australian dinosaur identified as new species

Australotitan cooperensis specimens are estimated to be 5-6.5 meters tall and 25-30 meters long.

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A huge dinosaur whose fossils were discovered in 2006 in Australia has been formally identified as the specimen of a new species, named Australotitan cooperensis.

This dinosaur belongs to the titanosaur group that lived almost 100 million years ago. Specimens of this group of long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs have been found on all continents. It is estimated to be 5-6.5 meters tall and 25-30 meters long, making it the largest known Australian dinosaur and one “of the five largest in the world”said Robyn Mackenzie, from the Eromanga Natural History Museum, Australia.

The fossilized bones were discovered in 2006 on the family farm of Robyn Mackenzie, a thousand km west of Brisbane, in the Eromanga basin. The skeleton had been named “Cooper” after a river in the state. This discovery was initially kept secret while the researchers patiently carried out the excavation site. The skeleton was first exhibited to the public in 2007.

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