Arrival of tuna in restaurants from next year!

A new type of plant-based tuna will be introduced in restaurants from 2022, which will replace raw tuna in foods such as sushi.

According to News i and quoted by Angjet, The next time you go to a restaurant for sushi, the spicy and delicious tuna rolls served with a plate of sushi may not be fish at all. Because Finless Foods, a company specializing in cellular seafood, plans to launch a ton of plants in 2022.

The company says that using 9 main ingredients, it has designed its vegetable tuna meat with high quality and can be offered in sushi food. The company also says that it is possible to marinate this ton of plant.

“Our vegetable tuna offers options for consumers who cannot eat seafood due to allergies, or those who just want to enjoy a seafood without catching or killing any animals,” the company said in a statement.

Unlike salmon, large-scale tuna production is challenging, and as the company points out, the world’s population has shrunk by more than 60 percent in the last 50 years. So as the Earth’s oceans continue to decay, scientists expect that there will be fewer fish for sustainable fishing by the end of this century.

When it comes to vegetarian options, you can easily find alternatives to beef and pork. But in fish, the story is different, because they are less abundant and harder to find.

The plant will be available in US restaurants from next year.

News i


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