After Branson, Bezos made a success of his stay in space


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The founder of Amazonn, Jeff Bezos, made its first space flight on Tuesday July 20. He took his brother, the most aged and the younger man to go to space.

Jeff Bezos opened the door to his rocket lui and so it is stepped out as relaxed as a car. And yet, it has just completed its first space flight, Tuesday, July 20. Oliver Daemen, 18-year-old Dutchman, who was accompanying him hugs his father. Celuhere afterhad his son’s multi-million dollar bill. Eleven minutes earlier, their small rocket, presented as having an ecological fuel, took off at a speed three times that of sound. They climbed up to 106 km altitude. Everything has been thought of for this tourist flight, from the automatic pilot to the large windows to admire the view.

At 82, Wally Funk, aviation pioneer, takes revenge on NASA who did not want her. “It’s awesome, I love it“, she exclaims in weightlessness. When she returns to Earth, the capsule is braked by parachutes.”We will build a road to space for our children and their children. And mankind must do this to solve the problems of our planet“Says Jeff Bezos, boss of Blue Origin. He dreams of outsourcing polluting industries to space.


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