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A creature that does not need oxygen to survive!


A parasite that poisons salmon can continue to live without the need for oxygen.

According to News i and quoted by the New Scientist, Inhalation of oxygen is one of the most basic needs of multicellular organisms, but researchers have found an organism that does not need oxygen to breathe.

According to researchers, this creature, a parasite, is not capable of using oxygen. The parasite poisons the salmon and gets the energy it needs without oxygen. In fact, the energy needed for this parasite is stolen from the host's body.

Researchers believed that all plants and animals use oxygen to produce fuel called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which boosts cellular processing. Production of this fuel occurs in a structure called mitochondria.

Each mitochondria has its own genome in addition to the genome in the cell nucleus, but when researchers looked at the DNA sequence of this parasite, “Henneguya Salminicola,” they found it to be inaccurate because they could find no evidence of mitochondrial DNA. To find.

Further research confirmed the findings. When the researchers examined the parasite in fluorescent blue, no traces of DNA were found in the cells' nuclei.

Because parasitic cells do not have the mitochondrial-like structure, they cannot produce the enzymes needed to utilize oxygen to produce adenosine.

It is not clear why this parasite has lost the ability to use oxygen. It is likely that the parasite resides inside the body of a living worm throughout its life cycle and does not have to use oxygen.

Although not harmful to humans, the parasite is a major problem for those who fish, as it can cause white spots on the fish's body and lead to infection.

The study was published in the journal “PNAS”.
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