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Woodward does not give up on Trump

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Danger is the name of the third and most recent book by former Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward about former US President Donald Trump.

Bob Woodward’s third book about Donald Trump is called “Danger” and will complement the trilogy that previously began with the two best-selling books “Fear” and “Anger.”

Woodward became famous in the early 1970s for collaborating with Carl Bernstein and exposing the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. He co-authored a new book, Danger, which is said to include excerpts from the first months of Joe Biden’s presidency, in collaboration with fellow Washington Post co-founder Robert Costa.

Announcing September 21 as the release date, the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, said Bob Woodward’s new work shows for the first time that Trump’s handling of the Corona epidemic and other issues goes far beyond a domestic political crisis. .

“Danger” is based on more than 200 interviews, as well as memoirs, confidential orders, transcripts of phone calls, emails and other government records.

The new wave of books about the former US president, including “To be honest, we won this election,” by The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender and Michael Wolf’s third speech about “Donald Trump” sold well, but none of them were successful. The first of these anti-Trump books will not arrive in 2018, which began with the book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolf.

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