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Trump threatened North Korea with “big problems.”

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In a book published by Bob Woodward, Trump is quoted as saying that “North Korea will be in bigger trouble than anyone has ever had if it resumed long-range missile tests.”

According to News i, quoting Yonhap News Agency, Bob Woodward, assistant editor of the Washington Post in his forthcoming book “Anger”, said that Trump made these remarks in one of his 18 interviews between December and July. However, Trump has ruled out short-range missile launches because they are insignificant.

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has tested short-range missiles that every country has. They are not a country that does not have them. Okay? It does not matter,” Woodward was quoted as saying by Trump.

“This does not mean that he will not do anything after January,” Trump told Woodward, according to excerpts from the book, which reached Yonhap News Agency. If he fires, he fires. And then he will face very, very big problems. Bigger than anything anyone has ever had.

The timing of the remarks is unclear, but the North Korean leader told an important party meeting on New Year’s Eve that he would no longer abide by his previous commitments not to conduct nuclear or intercontinental ballistic missile tests. . Pyongyang, however, has not conducted any nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile tests since.

Woodward said Trump has stopped revealing a new US-made nuclear weapons system that no one in the world, not even Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, has heard about.

“We have equipment that you have not seen or heard of,” Trump said, according to Woodward. We have equipment that Putin and Shi have never heard of.

The author of The Wrath says he later discovered a new weapons system through sources and was surprised by the fact that Trump had leaked it.

North Korea conducted its sixth and final missile test in September 2017, followed by its last intercontinental ballistic missile test in November of that year. It has since maintained a legal deadline for nuclear and weapons tests. His departure from the legal deadline imposed on him in late 2019 came after Kim’s second bilateral meeting with Trump, held in Hanoi in February of that year, and no agreement was reached.

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